• Welcome to Nordic Biomaterials with CHEMARTS 2021!

    In the coming years, our material world will change dramatically. The overuse of existing raw materials cannot continue and global consumption must decrease. If used wisely, wood- and plant-based materials offer one possible pathway towards a more sustainable material world: they come from renewable sources, can be modified on a chemical level, and can be used for recyclable or biodegradable products. Combining natural materials with advanced technologies offer new possibilities for sustainable development within existing and emerging industries.

    The aim of Nordic Biomaterials with CHEMARTS is to inspire students to combine design and material science for new cellulose-driven concepts and ideas. It introduces a broad spectrum of biomaterials, especially wood-and plant-based. During the course, students familiarise themselves with practice-based material research, experience how interdisciplinary material research happens in practice, and explore how raw materials could be turned into innovative business ideas in the context of the circular economy.

    Learning outcomes:

    After the course students 

    • have familiarized with materials that are processed either chemically or mechanically from trees or other plants, such as cellulose fibres, fibrils (micro- or nano-structured), lignin, bark extractives and novel combinations of these
    • have ability to develop innovative ideas through hands-on prototyping and experimenting with materials
    • are aware of the main sustainability issues related to this field
    • understand the principles of scaling the ideas towards innovations and even commercialisation
    • have an experience of an interdisciplinary working environment in practice

    NOTE: All participants need to complete the CHEM-E0140 Laboratory Safety course and pass the exam before entering the laboratories! You can access the Laboratory Safety Course by clicking this link.

    Check the course schedule below.

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      Presentations 20th August - upload your file by 9 am here Inlämningsuppgift

      The last day of the 2-week intensive part of the course, Friday 20th August 9-16, is dedicated for sharing your 1) most interesting series of experiments or 2) a potential material concept based on your ideas and experiments during the course. You can present either in pairs or individually.

      Two part of the presentation are: 

      -a short pdf/pp (5-6 slides incl. project name, idea, presenting concept/experiment series, next steps) 

      -selected set of your samples displayed on a table outside the lecture hall 

      Photographer will document the sample displays, and you can take your samples with you.

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      Project report by 31st August Inlämningsuppgift

      You need to document your working process in a personal learning diary on daily basis. To learn of the materials, you should observe, systematically document and analyse the material behavior when experimenting and afterwards. 

      The course report is due to 31st August, to be submitted through MyCourses. It should consist of documentation (text, photos), reflection and argued conclusions of your working and learning process. The length is 15-20 pages.