Are you interested in the sustainable use of materials? Do you want to learn more about cascading and the life cycle of materials? Do you want to adapt these skills to design tasks? If so, join us on this multidisciplinary course focusing on the wisdom of material use and explore the properties of wood and the creative use of demolition waste!

    Application and enrolment: This one-off course will limited to 12 participants. If you are interested in participating, please submit a 300 word (max.) letter of motivation via Sisu. Please tell us about your background and what your interests in this matter are! Please also add up to two reference pictures OR two projects presented in text form of max 50 words. 

    Course overview: In the course the student will obtain basic knowledge about the wood material cycle from forests to cascading of the used material. Students will learn about the availability and possible application of second life wood material in re-use, and in recycled products. In this coursed you will design and make an object using recycled wood. Students will work in collaboratively and learn from different backgrounds. The objects will be exhibited in 2022! The course is part of the Waste Wood for Good Nordic collaboration.

    Teachers: Mark Hughes, Saara Kantele

    Schedule and more information to follow soon!