Topic outline

  • Grading
    The grade will be based on your presentation (30%), your service as the opponent (20%) and your participation in the discussions in slack (50%).
    • Seminar attendance without participation in discussions will not affect your grade, so please make sure you contribute to the discussions. We are not going to track seminar attendance.
    • Full points for participation can be obtained by contributing to the discussion of 50% (12) of the papers.
    • If you contribute to the discussion of more than 50% of the papers, you will get extra credit points (up to 6 credits in total).

    Presentation guidelines
    Please read these instructions carefully because the quality of your presentation will affect your grade.
    • The duration of your presentation should be maximum 20 minutes. We will stop presentations after 20 minutes.
    • Try to explain the main idea of the paper instead of copy-pasting paragraphs from the paper page by page. You do not have to use all 20 minutes.
    • Spend minimum time on well-known concepts (such as, for example, GAN or transformer) or concepts that have been discussed earlier in the course. If you are not sure whether a specific topic should be covered in your presentation, you can consult the teachers in the course chat.
    • Do not overload your slides with text. It is better to present figures/illustrations.
    • Please be selective in presenting experimental results. You do not have to present all of them but the most important ones.

    Guidelines for the opponent
    Please try to make a short review of the discussed paper, for example, give a brief summary of the main ideas and possible shortcomings. Examples of reviews can be found on OpenReview.

    Zoom meetings
    • Please use headphones if possible. Otherwise there might be an echo when you speak.
    • Keep your mike muted during presentations.
    • Please turn on your camera when you speak.

    Course slack
    • Each paper discussed in the course will have its own channel in slack.
    • Please post your questions/comments in the corresponding channel before the start of the corresponding seminar session. Of course, we will continue the discussion after seminar sessions as well.