• Write a short description of your conception of learning and teaching.

    Describe in your own words:

    • How would you describe learning?
    • What is your role as a teacher in your student's learning process?
    • What are your strengths as a teacher?

    Focus on handling the phenomenon from different perspectives and try to give arguments supporting your perceptions. Please submit your pre-assignment in MyCourses' assignments section at latest by Friday 14.1.2022 at 17.00.

    Please take the pre-assignment with you (in paper or laptop) to the first contact session 19.1.2022 and be prepared to discuss about your conceptions with other course participants.

    • Studenten måste skicka in enkäten för att aktiviteten ska vara fullföljd


      Welcome to this A! Peda Intro course in spring 2022!

      During our course you will be working in peer groups. Please find out more about the peer-group working from the separate tab: Peer-group working: inbox and guidelines.

      To be able to support your groups already during the first session, we kindly ask you to choose max. three your favourite themes. We will form the groups before the first session and create your group space to MyCourses.

      Each group is allowed to arrange their own appointment times and methods (live meeting / Teams / Zoom / etc.) during the course. There are about 4-5 course participants in each group. It is essential that the group further refines or narrows down its topic on the basis of its own interests, as the topics raised in the next question are quite broad.