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    • Assignments for the 2nd contact session

      Please note that there are two bigger assignments, that we would ask you to start preparing already after the first contact session:

      • Peer group working (demos on 17.3.2022): Meet with your peer group (formed during the fist session) at least once before the second course session and start preparing your group work!
      • Start thinking about your individual plan for Teaching practice (held on 3.3.2022) already in the beginning of this course!
      More detailed instructions for the following tasks can be found inside the activities.

      • Learning log - DL 26.1.2022
      • Reading task I (Biggs & Tang) - DL 1.2.2022
      • Reading task II (Hunt & Chalmers) - DL 1.2.2022
      • Watching task (AllWell?) - DL 1.2.2022

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      Read and familiarise yourself with the Chapter 2: Teaching according to how students learn, AND part of the Chapter 3: Setting the stage for effective teaching, pages 16-39 in Biggs, John and Tang, Katherine. Teaching for Quality Learning at University. 2007. (4th ed.) McGraw-Hill, .

      Please remember to close the e-book after you have read or printed the materials (due to the limited number of book licences at Aalto library)

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      Read the Chapter 2: Effective Classroom Teaching, pages 21-37 in Hunt, L. & Chalmers, D. (eds) 2013. University teaching in focus. A learning - centred approach. London & New York: Routledge. 
      Please remember to close the e-book after you have read or printed the materials.

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      English subtitles available by clicking the icon on the video window.