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  • Onsite in class U119 (Deloitte), Otakaari 1 (Bachelor centre) at 13.00-16.00

    Equality, diversity and inclusion in doctoral supervision

    Visitor Jonna Louvrier, Includia Leadership Oy

    and psychologist Marja Turunen

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      Including e.g.. the summary of the pre-assignment for the session

    • Saatavilla vasta, kun: You are a(n) Opiskelija
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      Materials by Jonna Louvrier Tiedosto PDF

      Materials by Jonna Louvrier, EDI expert from Includia Leadership

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      A substitute assignment for those who could not join the session

      Would you please read and reflect the materials by Jonna Louvrier.
      Write your reflections and thoughts as follows

      Read and reflect Jonna's materials thinking about your own group of supervisees/or your unit.
      Analyse it its current state. What do you recognise from Jonna's materials in your group dynamics (or in yourself?)
      Unconscious biases, stereotyped thinking, anything else? Take a particular look at the circle by Sylvia Duckworth (slide 9) with greenish and yellowish colours.

      Think about some steps you could do in the group (in order to develop, for instance, feelings of inclusion in the group/unit

      A. If you were absent from the whole session
      Please write and submit an assignment with 500-600 words.

      B. If you were absent from a half session
      Please write and submit an assignment with 300-400 words.

      DL for the submission Friday 17.6.2022