Topic outline

  • Essay "Me as a supervisor"

    The final assignment is a reflective essay on the topic "Me as a supervisor". In the essay, you reflect your own experiences, development, and the course literature and materials. Please use the articles and other materials read in the course and refer to them when reflecting your thinking. Although the title of the essay is "Me as a supervisor", please remember also the community viewpoint, for instance, what you can learn from peers and colleagues' experiences  in your department/school.  Oftentimes, issues and challenges are similar despite of research area.

    The recommended length of the essay is 6-10 pages.  You will work with your essay throughout the course, so you are advised to start writing or sketching your essay from the beginning of the course. We have tried to design our mid-tasks between the sessions so that you can benefit that reflection in this final essay. Please make use of relevant literature.

    Peer review round in May

    In the middle of the course, all the essays will be double-blind peer-reviewed (two peers will read your essay, you will give feedback to two peers).
    We are using Peergrade tool to give feedback to two of your peers. The system is automatically giving you two essays to evaluate, with the help of the rubric built in the system.

    Please submit your version for the peer review in Word-format without your name.  Please do not indicate your name or any other (un)direct information from which your identity can be recognized. 

    You will submit it to the blue "function" (with a kind of bubble). After you have submitted your version, Peergrade system is able to give you two essays to which you give feedback.

    Second feedback round in June

    When you have received feedback from your peers, you are able to reflect that when writing the final version.
    The course instructors will give feedback to each essay by midsummer (approx. 23.6.).


    • Submission for peer review deadline - Friday 6.5.2022
    • Deadline for peer reviews - Monday 23.5.2022
    • Final deadline (final version of the essay ready) - Friday 10.6.2022

    Recommended structure for the essay:

    1. Introduction (your approach to doctoral supervision)
    2. Current state of your supervision (what was your path to this point, how have you developed your supervision skills?)
    3. Your key learnings from this course (make use of the reflective pre-assignments and go through the course material once more - what was your key finding, what surprised you the most, etc.)
    4. Ways forward as a supervisor (as a life-long learner, what will you next focus on? You can describe focus areas you would like to develop? How to enhance your personal reflection?)
    5. Ways to share your thoughts and ideas on supervision in your community (e.g., department, programme, other)
    6. Conclusions
    7. Reference list