Topic outline

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    The course project accounts for 60 % of the total course grade. It will be done in groups of 3–4 students. You will be given the chance to select your own groups here on MyCourses.

    In the course project, you will use the tools covered in the lectures to analyze data. The project will be handed in as a Python Jupyter notebook (IPYNB-file) that includes all of the code used and a detailed written report of the analysis (as Markdown cells). The code (programming component) and the written report (project report) are graded separately, but they should be freely interspersed in the notebook.

    The data you use must come in two separate parts (from different sources):

    1. base dataset (larger) as a CSV or Excel file
    2. Some additional data (smaller) either manually written in the code or as a separate file

    Your task is to combine these two groups of semi-related data into a single whole and analyze the results. The combining must be done as part of the code in your notebook. This means that the additional data should not be in your base dataset file, it should instead come from an entirely different source.

    You can find the base dataset yourself OR choose one of the predefined datasets (see the PDF file below for the full description). You must find the additional data yourself. The selected data and a short topic plan must be sent in for approval prior to working on the project (see the Submissions section in the PDF file).