• The course in a nutshell

    Radio Astronomy II is a special course (3 cr) organized at the Metsähovi Radio Observatory (Kirkkonummi) in Period V, 2022. 

    The course is intended for students who have taken Radio astronomy (ELEC-E4530), or have equivalent knowledge. 

    The maximum number of participants is limited to 15 students.

    The course focuses on radio astronomical measurements using a 5.5-metre radio telescope, being commissioned at Metsähovi Radio Observatory. Students plan and carry out measurements or observations of their own design in small groups in Metsähovi, supervised by the observatory's staff. 

    Example projects include determining radio frequency interference, satellite tracking, antenna properties (beam shape, pointing etc.), Solar observations, atmospheric composition, interstellar molecular clouds, extragalactic radio sources, etc. 

    Possible topics are not pre-determined, however. Essentially, the groups are given access to the new 5.5-metre radio telescope operating at frequency range 4-8 GHz, and can "do whatever they want with it*"  (*Terms and conditions apply, obviously...) 

    Schedule and technicalities

    • Starting session: Wed 20.4.2022 10:00-13:30, Metsähovi
    • Closing session: Thu 2.6.2022 10:00-12:00 13:30, Metsähovi
    • Final report deadline: Fri 10.6.2022

    In the starting session, the participants will get details of the observing systems available, and they will form groups with dedicated technical/scientific advisors.

    Between the starting and closing sessions the students work in groups and together with the observatory staff to design a research plan for their project, plan and carry out measurements or observations, write a report of the outcomes, etc. 

    In the closing session, the groups present their project and the results to others. Notice that the starting and closing sessions take place at the Metsähovi Radio Observatory (Metsähovintie 114, Kirkkonummi), and students need to arrange transport to and from the observatory. See the "Carpooling etc." bulletin board below for finding and offering rides.

    Everything else, except for the starting and the closing session, and the first observing/measuring run can be done remotely/online (it's up to the group to decide the working methods). 

    There is no examination or other assignments. Grade (0-5) depends on participation and final report.

    Teachers and staff: 

    Questions and contact: metsahovi@aalto.fi .

    • Juha Kallunki (technical manager, Metsähovi Radio Observatory); 
    • Quentin Salomé (astronomer, postdoctoral researcher, Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO & Metsähovi Radio Observatory)
    • Derek McKay (visiting researcher, Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO & Metsähovi Radio Observatory)
    • Joni Tammi (astronomer, director, Metsähovi Radio Observatory)

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      Bulletin board for course participants to offer and ask for carpooling options etc. practicalities. You must be enrolled to the course in order to access.

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