Topic outline

  • Service Business Strategy - course

    Welcome to the Service Business Strategy – course!

    This course is a hybrid online course that consists of independent self-learning and online group work. The independent self-learning part consist of four reading packages scheduled around the assignments to be returned. In addition, we have a group work. Group work includes three online sessions. Please notice, that attending to group work is mandatory to complete the course. There are no other lectures in this course, except the ones mentioned below.

    The sessions are:

    - KICK-OFF session (4.8.2022, 9-10:30 a.m.) in which, group work (Lean Service Creation - project) is introduced and participants are divided into groups. Zoom link

    - MIDTERM CLINIC (26.8.2022, 9-10 a.m.) in which groups may ask questions and feedback regarding their work. THIS SESSION IS VOLUNTARY. Zoom link
    - PRESENTATION session (12.9.2022, 9-11 a.m. or shorter, depending on the number of course participants) in which, groups present their work and give feedback to other groups. Zoom link:

    In KICK-OFF and PRESENTATION sessions attendance is mandatory. All the sessions are held in zoom and the zoom-links will be available on this page.
    Also, the course includes course kick off - lecture, that is voluntary. The lecture is 1.8.2022, 9-10 a.m via zoom. The purpose of the lecture is to introduce the course and all the information of the lecture you can also find from the Course Book / Syllabus. Zoom link:

    Please notice, that the course includes Starting assignment, which deadline will be at the first week of the course, 5.8.2022. Submitting the pre-assignment is mandatory to attend the course. From the Course Book / Syllabus, you'll find the instructions and assessment criteria for the assignment. 


    From the Course Book / Syllabus you’ll find all the course instructions.


    During the course, do not hesitate to contact me via email or through MyCourses “General Discussion” board below. If you assume, that other participants might be wondering the same question too, I’ll encourage you to share your question through General Discussion board. In order to receive email notifications of the updates, please remember to select “subscribe” from the MyCourses – settings.

    In general, the course information is delivered through MyCourses Announcements and you will receive an automatic email notifications for all the updates.