Topic outline

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    Pass: kestavyys

    The same link is used for all sessions!

    Before we start on Friday March 11th, check and complete these pre-assignments!

    1) Questionnaire DL Wed March 9th 

       Answer some questions in this questionnaire. 

    The responses will be used for charting the advance experiences of participants in the area of sustainability in teaching and for being able to address specific questions of the participants during the course. Anonymized quotes and summaries of the responses may be showed during the course.


    2. Introductory assignment: Who are we? DL Wed March 9th 

    Introduce yourself to the other course participants in the Forum below. 

    - Write your introduction, e.g. who are you, what do you teach, what brought you to this course,...

    - Add at least one comment or question to your colleagues introduction.


    3. Reading assignment to be completed before the first online session, DL before our session on Fri March 11th

    The open access course offers a thorough package of basic knowledge on the different dimensions of sustainability (ecological, economic, social, cultural), beginning with the elaboration on the concept of these dimensions of sustainability (section 1 of each topic, with several sub-sections). Read at least about two of these four dimensions. Take the one that interests you most, and the one that is least familiar to you. Naturally, feel free to look through all of them, if possible.      

    You can access the material with your Aalto credentials (choose: Login with HAKA- account)at: