Topic outline

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    Strategic Project Management, Summer 2022, 5 cr  15.08.2022 - 5.09.2022

    Lecturers:  Prof. Kirsi Aaltonen, University of Oulu, Prof. Tuomas Ahola, Tampere University, Prof. Karlos Artto, Aalto Univesity, Prof. Magnus Hellström, Åbo Akademi, Prof. Jaakko Kujala, University of Oulu, Project  Manager Teemu Surakka, Aalto University, Prof. Kim Wikström, Åbo Akademi

    Contact person in practical matters: Tero Haahtela (

    Level of the Course: Master level (major/minor)

    Teaching Period: August - September 2022

    Lectures (Zoom): on Mondays and Thursdays at 16:00 - 19:00 between 15.8. - 5.9.

    Workload 5 cr (135 h)

    ·       Pre-assignments (reading pre-material, watching videos, doing assignments, personal reflection) 7 x 10 h = 70 h

    ·       Lectures (incl. class assignments, personal reflection) 7 x 4 h = 28 h

    ·       Final course essay (revisiting materials, writing the essay, personal reflection) 37 h

    Assessment Methods and Criteria

    ·       Pre-assignments (60 %), lecture participation and class assignments (10 %), Final essay (30 %)

    Study Materials

    ·       The course material consists of selected articles, book chapters, videos, and assignments that are distributed to students via MyCourses


    This course focuses on advanced topics of project management from the strategic viewpoint and value creation perspective. Responsibility and sustainability in projects and project networks with different collaboration models are also covered. The course provides in-depth understanding on these themes and the related topics mentioned in the course content. Common course themes are Project value creation and cooperation models, Responsibility and sustainability in projects and project networks with measures and Strategic project management and long-term value creation.

    Prerequisites: TU-C3010 Introduction to Project Management, IE00BT38 Project Management or similar

    Grading scale: passed / failed

    Registration for Course: Registration via FITech (for Aalto students: via Sisu until 8.8.2022)

    Language: English