Osion kuvaus

  • Welcome to study quantum mechanics!

    Lecture notes as well as practical information from the first lecture are available under Materials. The exercises are published each Monday under Assignments. To discuss exercises, we use Zulip.

    Exam and grading

    The exam will consist of 5 problems, worth 6 points each, for a total of 30 points. By completing exercises, you can earn up to 6 bonus points towards the exam, and you also get 0.5 points for completing the course feedback. The final grade will be determined by \( p_{\text{total}} = \max(30, p_{\text{exam}} + p_{\text{exercises}} + p_{\text{feedback}}) \), where \( p_{\text{exam}} \) is the exam points, \( p_{\text{exercises}} \)  the exercise points and \( p_{\text{feedback}} \) is the bonus from feedback.

    The precise point limits for grades will be determined when we know the final distribution of exercise results, but 30 points will be a grade of 5 for sure.

    The bonus points you earn from exercises and feedback will count towards the first exam you take. So if you are unable to attend the exam at the end of period II, you can go to the exam in period III and still get the bonus points from exercises. However, if you take the exam now and then try again in period III, you will only get points for the exam.

    Credit: Heikka Valja. Made for QCD group.

    Figure credit: Heikka Valja.