Topic outline

  • Lecture Diary

    Lecture diaries are to be written by students after attending the mandatory lectures via Zoom lecture sessions. Each lecture is uniquely different from the other and can vary vastly to touch either a single discipline to an energy perspective or it could be multidisciplinary, the goal is to impart to the students a unique perspective to the course’s concept.


    The lecture diaries should be submitted either in a pdf or a Microsoft document file format to MyCourses web page of the course before the beginning of the next lecture session each week. The diaries should be written in English language, making use of Times New Roman with font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing. The lecture diary should not exceed more than 2 pages maximum for each lecture session unless otherwise mentioned specifically.

    The lecture diary is not supposed to be a summary of the lecture itself rather it is expected to reflect what you believe the lecture was about and how it helped you learn something interesting that was new to you.

    As a rule of thumb every lecture diary must have at least three (3) paragraphs (small ones three to five sentences each) within the mentioned two pages which include:

    1.     What really caught your attention and made you think, perhaps gave you a new, unexpected or multidisciplinary, perspective to the topic of the lecture?

    2.     a supporting argument of how the lecture was good and necessary for the scope and learning objectives of the course,

    3.     a critique on how to improve the content or why you feel the lecture did not match the scope or learning objectives of the course in your opinion.


    Each diary assignment is evaluated in the point scale 0 - 5 as follows (a cumulative list of required characteristics):

    0 = Not submitted or insufficient
    1 = The diary is only a summary of some lecture content (own thinking missing)
    2 = The diary demonstrates thoughtful reflection of the students own thinking of the subjects discussed in the lecture (see point 1. above)
    3 = The diary provides also balanced contructive feedback to the speaker or about the topic (see points 2. and 3. above)
    4 = (between 3 and 5)
    5 = The diary significantly adds to the discussion in the lecture with new, insightful perspectives, or new useful information (citing literature or other credible sources)

    Note: Write with sufficiently clear and consise language, and good grammar, to ensure that your thoughts come accross correct, demonstrating thoughtful reflection.


    In case there is additional writing tasks along with the basic lecture diary described above (e.g. reading extra material in addition to lecture slides and writing more pages than the normal diary limit) your grade starts from 3 by default rather than 0.  Reaching grade above 3 will nevertheless need the other cumulative characteristics as listed above. Choosing not to do the extra tasks will start the grading from 0

    Note about using AI assitants:

    Students are welcome to use artificial intelligence (AI) tools as personal learning assistants in this course, provided they disclose the use and reflect on it in their submitted lecture diaries. See the course brochure for rules about their use.