Topic outline

  • Program and Schedule

    Please also note that participating in the first lecture is mandatory. 

    Instructions, materials, and assignments will be available at this site before the course starts. 

    Date and Session



    Wed 26.10. Lecture 1: Introduction to the course themes and assignments

    The concept of organizational communication; academic and practical scope of the field


    Fri 28.10. Lecture 2: From theory and research towards the practice of Organizational Communication

    Understanding the theoretical underpinnings of organizational theory and their impact on organizational communication research

    Garner et al. (2016)

    Wed 2.11. Lecture 3: Methods of measuring, auditing and analyzing OC

    Learning about analysis methods of OC and their applicability in different organizational settings

    Tourish & Hargie 2017

    Fri 4.11. Lecture 4: Role of communication in leading and managing people at work 

    Learning about the interconnectedness of communication and leading and managing people at work

    Biganeh & Young, 2021

    Wed 9.11. Lecture 5: The changing role of employee communications

    Learning about how the role of communications is becoming more and more strategic in organizations; Learning about skills needed in communication work

    Mishra et al. 2014

    Fri 11.11. Lecture 6: Barriers to effective organizational communication

    Learning about reasons that hinder effective organizational communication – and learning how to overcome the barriers

     “Communication barriers” (Chapter in Open Textbook on Organizational Behavior, note that this reading is without an author name, so you can refer to it just by using the chapter's title)

    Wed 16.11. Lecture 7: Organizational communication and the virtual work environment 

    Learning about the challenges and benefits of the virtual work environment

    Jarvenpaa & Keating 2021

    Fri 18.11. Lecture 8: Mapping the best practices of organizational communication

    Offering insights and tips on how to manage and lead through communication

    Young & Post 1993

    Independent case work, no lectures on 23.11., 25.11., and 30.11

    Fri 2.12. Lecture 9: Case presentations and feedback

    Presentations of the group projects