Topic outline

  • Welcome to LC-1117 Integrated Oral and Written Skills!

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    Sky 05/5/15

    "Sky 05/5/15"by summerwind is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

    This course introduces written and oral communication principles and strategies that are applicable to professional and academic purposes. Throughout this course, students work individually and/or in small groups to develop their presentation and writing skills. Moreover, students give and receive constructive feedback on their work and revise it accordingly.

    Learning outcomes:

    Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to

    • Recognise the strategies and elements that enhance clarity and audience-friendliness in both oral and written communication
    • Apply these strategies and elements in oral presentations and writing related to their field of study
    • Distinguish between formal and informal styles of communication

    More specifically, the course aims to help you:

    • Express your opinions/arguments clearly and convincingly to justify your point of view
    • Structure oral and written communication effectively
    • Practise speaking in public in a non-stressful environment
    • Gain confidence in presenting your opinions and ideas

    Course assignments and assessment:

    • Preparatory assignments 40%
    • Written assignment(s) 30%
    • Oral assignment(s) 30% (Videoed)

    81 h (Small group instruction 24 - 36 h + independent work 45 - 57 h)

    NB! We have no exams on this course – instead, the assignments and tasks are completed continuously and during our sessions. It is therefore very important that you attend the sessions and complete the tasks on time!