Osion kuvaus

  • Yleinen

    This course is intended to provide support, as a means, to the preparation of your MSc thesis, as an end goal. 

    Support in preparing your MSc thesis is in synchronization with your individual activities, your activities with your supervisor, and other education you need for completing your MSc thesis. 

    For example, the course supports abilities of searching and critiquing relevant literature, designing a research methodology and time plan, and writing the thesis. After the course, the student is expected 

    • to know about different types of master’s theses and has a general understanding of the workload and schedule
    • has formulated research questions for her individual topic and chosen appropriate materials and methods to answer them 
    • has basic knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods
    • has basic skills for information retrieval for her subject, knows how to cite publications in her text, to use referencing software, and to write a list of references (the Harvard system)
    • has prepared a personal research plan for her master’s work, including the abstract and the content plan, and is able to present and discuss the topic