Topic outline

  • The WAT-E1100 Course is organised live at Aalto University's Campus and we expect you to be able to present in the campus on all week days. 

    The course also uses selected online platforms to support your learning, including this MyCourses webpage as well as a specific Teams channel for the course: for more information on these you can find below (visible only for those course participants who have logged in to MyCourses). 

    Course structure

    The WAT-E1100 course provides a general introduction to water and environmental engineering and related teaching at our WAT Master's Programme. In this way the course also helps the WAT Master's students to select their advanced courses. 

    The course is organised through six weekly themes and related methods as well as synthesis week.0 In addition, some of the weeks also include sessions on broader contexts relevant for WAT, including group work, entrepreneurship, governance and legislation as well as science.

    The table below shows the weekly themes and methods as well as contexts, while the general schedule for the each week can be found below as .pdf. Kindly check the weekly sub-pages for more details, including final schedule.

    Weekly themes and methods

    • This document shows the general timetable for each thematic week of WAT-E1100 course (updated on 2.9.2022). 

      Do check the final timetable from the weekly sub-pages.