Topic outline

  • Course Assessment

    Large part of the work for WAT-E1100 course is done independently in groups. This gives a big responsibility to yourself, and you thus have also a possibility (and responsibility) to assess your learning during the course - and hence to influence the grade you will get from the course.  

    The grade for this WAT Course comes as follows:

    • One third of the grade comes from the assessment of your Thematic Tasks and other activities (by teachers)
    • One third comes from the average of Weekly exercises (by teachers)
    • One third comes from Peer and Self Assessment (by students)


    Peer and Self Assessment provides you a possibility to reflect your own and your group members (peers) activity and input for your group work process as well as to give constructive feedback to your peers. 

    Peer and Self Assessment will be done at the end of the course, and it is complemented by self-facilitated ‘I like, I wish’ exercise that we will do in groups during the last week. You are thus encouraged to take your discussions during that exercise into account when carrying out the assessment.

    Peer and Self Assessment will be done online with a Webropol questionnaire, and you will receive a link and detailed instructions for the questionnaire during the last week of the course.

    Course Feedback 

    Your feedback is very valuable for the fluent course implementation, so please be active and provide your feedback both during and after the course! We have used the feedback from the previous courses to develop this course further, and giving feedback also helps you to reflect your learning (see this figure for more).  

    Feedback during the course

    The most efficient way to give feedback is to provide it during the course directly to the teachers. You can also send your feedback by email to, or use the anonymous feedback box below. 

    Feedback after the course

    There are three main ways to give feedback after the course: 

    • Aalto's electronic feedback survey through Webropol
    • Specific WAT Course electronic feedback during Synthesis Week (also through Webropol)
    • Through the Reflection & Feedback Session on our last day 

    The first two forms of feedback are anonymous, while the discussion during the Reflection & Feedback Session are done in groups. The session also provides you with a facilitated way to give feedback to your group with the help of Aalto's award-winning 'I like, I wish' activity, complementing your Peer and Self Assessment.