Topic outline

  • As a pre-assignment, you are asked to set up the R environment ready for the course, as well as familiarise yourself briefly with the R language. Instructions are given in the pdf below. Please review it carefully.

    Pre-assignment instructions

    You need to complete the pre-assignment by 11:55 am Tue 25th of October (i.e. before the course starts), by submitting the two pdf plots from the R script to the Submission box below. The assignment itself should not take long to complete, but as it potentially requires installing software etc (if you do not already have those installed) please do start well in advance. 

    We provide help in Teams, if needed, during the following time slots:

    Monday, October 24th from 13:00 to 15:00

    Tuesday, October 25th from 9:00 to 11:00

    You can drop in to the Teams session (link in pre-assignment instructions) or send an e-mail to Sara Heikonen ( or Mika Jalava ( to book a time within those time periods.

    See you on coming Tuesday!