Topic outline

    • Presentation Slides from Veera Pensala's sessions on 16.1. and 23.1.

    • Logos to use in reports and presentations.

      • All teams must use Aalto and SGT logos in all material produced during the course. Current Aalto logos can be downloaded from
      • In addition, teams with project funding must use the project logos and funding agency logos (EDUCase CASE Bhutan and PBL BioAfrica Zambia).
      • AGI (Aalto Global Impact) logo is to be used by PBL BioAfrica Zambia projects. AGI coordinates the PBL BioAfrica project in Aalto.
      • Agree with your partners and peers how to use their logos in your work.
      • Note that the full course name is WAT-E2070 Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) Studio. SGT Studio in brief.