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    The Hydrological modelling -course will be held on Mondays (9:00-12:00, class Y338 in the first time, later U344) and Thursdays (12:30/13:00-16:00, class U344) during period III (9.1.-23.2.2023). Group work sessions start earlier on Thursdays (at 12:30)

    The course starts on Monday 9 January 2023 at 9:00 (class Y338). Note change to a bigger class.

    See course contents at Syllabus-page.

    The course will focus on weekly themes with exercises on modeling applications. 

    On Tuesdays at 16:15-18:00 there is additional time for assistance in Teams.

    About registration in "sisu"

    Note that the course registration is open until 2 January 2023. Also note that a limited number of students will be accepted to the course, with preference given to WAT Master's Students. If you are not WAT student, you are expected to give during registration a short motivation letter, where you state why you plan to take the course and how it benefits your studies. 

    If you missed the registration, you may come to the first session and we can discuss about your plans regarding the course. 

    The themes and program:

    9 Jan, 12 Jan: Meteorological input of a hydrological model (Exercise).

    16 Jan, 19 Jan: Soil water and drainage model construction (Exercise).

    23 Jan, 26 Jan: Simulation of agricultural water management (Exercise).

    30 Jan: Simulation modelling (Exercise). Introduction to drainage design.

    2 Feb: Drainage design (group work, starts at 12:30).

    6 Feb: Estimation of nutrient loads (Exercise).

    9 Feb: Phosphorous cycle and processes (group work, starts at 12:30).

    13 Feb, 16 Feb: Urban hydrological modelling with SWMM (Exercise and group work).

    20 Feb: Urban hydrological modelling with SWMM (group work).

    23 Feb: Exam.

    Model conceptualisation

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