Topic outline

  • Week 6: Schedule and contents (draft)

    • This documents contains the week's schedule and instructions for the course materials, modelling exercise and written report.

    • In this folder, materials listed in the exercise instructions can be found. Download and save the files to your own directory. You will need these files for your modelling work. The catchment model files (.inp and .ini files) for the individual modelling exercise will be given in a separate folder below.

    • In this folder, you'll find the catchment model for your individual modelling exercise. Information about your preassigned catchment (Catchment1, Catchment2 or Catchment3) is shown in Table below. 

      For each catchment, you'll find a separate folder that includes three files: the catchment model files (.inp-file, .ini-file) and a short description as .pdf-file. Download and save only the files you need for your own exercise.

    • Materials will be later added here.

    • Submission of the individual written reports is due on Sunday 26 Feb. Use this link also to submit group presentation on Monday (one student from each group submits the presentation) - this way we'll be able to display presentations in the class room.