Osion kuvaus

  • Yleinen

    Effective course schedule is in the graphical weekly tables below. Do NOT rely on system-generated Sisu/MyCourses calendars, as they contain wrong information.

    Registration closes one week before the course starts, on February 22, after which notifications of acceptance will be communicated by email. Accepted students must confirm registration for the course by 1) submitting the pre-survey (Webropol); 2) attending the first teaching event; and 3) completing the first assignment on time.

    There are 2 obligatory flume research visits in small groups at Aalto EHL. To pass the course, it is required to attend actively 7 of the 9 teaching sessions specified in the course schedule. Due to the experimental lab work this course program generally cannot be offered remotely (some sessions will be remotely in Teams). 

    This course focuses on a smaller number of topics, but in greater depth to avoid teaching many things at a superficial level. We will be using two main teaching methods: tutorial style teaching with weekly written assignments to be prepared for informal meetings with the staff in a group of 3-5 people and experimental investigations in the Environmental Hydraulics Flow Channel with reporting by pairs. The majority of the course work is conducted in small groups complemented by a set of common lectures. By organizing the course in this way, we also seek to provide more time for independent or small group in-depth tasks and face-to-face feedback/reflection. To enable the above course plan, the number of participants is restricted.

    Schedule with estimated distribution of the course workload (follow this page for changes/adjustments):