• Welcome to the Wildcard Week!

    This week you will explore a digital fabrication method beyond the capability of a basic fab lab. Check options below.


    Wed 10 May, 16:00 (online, global)
    Interface and Application Programming by prof. Neil Gershenfeld.

    Thu 11 May, 13:15 (online, hybrid)
    No lecture, you start working on your assignment as soon as possible.

    As for the task of the assignment - you need to create a digital design that then is being manufactured using one of the available machining technologies.

    Available options:

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      This week you will explore a digital manufacturing technology beyond the capability of a basic fab lab. To complete the assignment:

      • Choose one of the proposed digital manufacturing technologies.
      • Create a digital design to be manufactured with the technology/machine of your choice.
      • Work together with the workshop master and document the process.
      • Publish the documentation on your course documentation page.
      • Submit a link to your documentation page here.

      This assignment will be graded in the scale from 0 - 5.