Topic outline

  • This week you should be able to present your final project. That includes having a final project page on your documentation website and a one minute long video showcasing your final project. You will have two weeks from this point to finish any of the missing assignments and fix issues with the final project.

    Best projects will be chosen to participate in the Digital Fabrication Showcase exhibition in November this year. The venue is Väre main lobby. You will have time and lab access after the summer break to fine-tune your project and make it exhibition-safe. 

    For successful operation you need two files present on your documentation website:

    1. presentation.png

    2. presentation.mp4

    The first one (presentation.png) is your final project slide. It needs to be 1920x1080 px in dimensions. The second one (presentation.mp4) is your final project video. It has to be roughly 1 minute long, 1920x1080 px in dimensions and with roughly 10MB file size.

    The files should be on the root of your website, meaning that they should be visible when one enters an address that matches the pattern below in the address bar of the browser.



    Wed 7 Jun, 16:00 (online, global)
    Fab Academy final project presentations (online, global).

    Thu 8 Jun, 13:15 (onsite)
    Digital Fabrication Studio final project presentations (hybrid, local).

    Cat astral