Topic outline


    All sessions are at the Design Factory Stage (Betonimiehenkuja 5C) unless otherwise noted.

    Week 1

    • 9.1. 14.15-15.45 Introduction to prototyping and the course
    • 12.1. 10.15-11.45 Hands-on workshop: Sketching

    Week 2

    • 16.1. 14.15-15.45 Low-fidelity prototyping for products and services 
      Joel Meneses available at the Design Factory lobby for help and feedback for the sketching assignment from 9am until the start of class
    • 19.1. 10.15-11.45 Hands-on workshop: Modeling with soft materials

    Week 3

    • 23.1. 14.15-15.45 Prototyping to test
      Mikko Sääskilahti available at the Design Factory prototyping Bunker (basement floor) for help and feedback for the modeling assignment from 9am until the start of class
    • 26.1. 10.15-11.45 Hands-on workshop: User testing

    Week 4 Note the different location and time on Thursday! 

    • 30.1. 14.15-15.45 Iteration in prototyping 
    • 2.2. 10.30-11.30 Company visit: Aivan (Henry Fordin katu 6B, Helsinki). 

      We have booked a bus to take us from Otaniemi to Aivan. The bus leaves from Design Factory at 10AM sharp, and will start heading back to Otaniemi at 11.45.

    Week 5

    • 6.2. 14.15-15.45 Prototyping in production
    • 9.2. 10.15-11.45 Company visits to the class .  Joining us in class with their prototyping journeys will be Matti Puomio, Designer at Fiskars Group and Aleksi Kuuva, Design Engineer at EpiHeart. 

    Week 6

    • 13.2. 14.15-15.45 Prototyping in organizations
    • 16.2. 10.15-11.45 Prototyping hall of fame gallery walk

    • Not available unless: You are a(n) Student
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