Topic outline

  • The Pdp journey is coming to an end, and the grading session is approaching soon.

    The grading sessions will be taking place at Design Factory from 15th to 17th of MayPlease book your time 30min slot below. We encourage all the team members to be present at the meeting. Nonetheless, if you can't be present, the grade should be agreed upon beforehand with the rest of the team members, which will be at the session. We would like to highlight that the grade agreed in the grading session is final.

    We would like to remind all the students that we are applying the team grading system, meaning that the grade of the team should be applied to all students. Nonetheless, it is possible to acknowledge individual students that their performance was exemplary, and these students can have a higher grade than the team grade. The credits are awarded on an individual basis, depending on the amount of completed workshops and hours put into the project. 

    You remember the Pdp book? Yes, the one dusty at your desk! It is time to bring it back to the PdP Staff. Please return it in the grading session if you still have it. 

    If you have any question, contact the staff or stop by the PdP office.