Topic outline

  • The PD6 week is approaching, and we are super excited to see you working together with your global teams and your sponsors. Most global teams will travel to Finland and stay for the whole week so be prepared to show them around and do company visits, team building activities and other intensive project related sessions.

    PD6, short for "Product development in 6 hours", it's a whole day event that takes place during 7th - 9th November. The whole team (local + global) and the sponsor will together work on the project for six hours. The outcomes will be presented and demonstrated at Stage by the end of each day to the other teams participating

    This year we have 15 teams and three days available from Monday to Wednesday, meaning 5 teams for each day. The teams and their sponsors should select one day from those three options . Book a day (here)

    The idea of this workshop is to boost the teams at the beginning of the course and push you out of your comfort zone to tackle the given problem by prototyping and building a solution in just 6 hours. This introduces the students to problem-solving and teamwork and lay the foundation for product development methods and tools.

    This workshop will be organized exclusively on-site.

    Schedule for your PD6 day will be:

    9.00 - Introduction and instructions to PD6

    9.30 - 6 hour session starts

    15.30 - Present your results to the other teams in 5 min

    16.00 - Done for the day

    In addition to the workshop:

    Thursday 10th November 8.30 - 10.00: The teaching team will organize breakfast in Design Factory for all PDP students who are hungry at that hour. The global teams will be attending so this will be a great time to get to know people from other teams and take part in the PDP spirit. We highly recommend you attend this!

    On Friday 11th November starting 18:00: To celebrate the conclusion of the PD6 week a mystery eve will be organized at Design Factory stage where each team prepare a show for the audience that is performed at stage. This can be anything from music, singing, theatre and stand-up comedy. Only your creativity sets the bounds!

    Please register on which day of the PD6 week you would like to participate before Friday 4th November (here).