Topic outline

  • Here you can find the instructions for the Team of the week. In short, each PDP team will be responsible for taking care of Design factory premises, organizing breakfast and doing an Instagram takeover for one week. 


    1. Please review the file "PDP Course Guide - Team of the week instructions" below. It covers the maintenance part in detail.

    2. Arranging breakfast on Tuesday morning for the community in kafis - Breakfast instruction in separate document below. The breakfast is an opportunity to conduct user testing, do surveys or collect feedback from the participants - only your creativity sets the limit.

    3. Instagram takeover instructions:

    PDP has it's own Instagram @pdpaalto, which has hundreds of followers, both PDP alumni, current PDP'ers and other interested people. This is a great place to practice presenting what your project is about to the world. It's also a great place to look for experts, people to test with, get respondents to surveys etc.

    During your team of the week you will get access to the Instagram account and you have free hands to use it for promoting and showcasing you project to its followers. Good posts usually get reposted by @aaltodf, @aaltoeng and sometimes by the big @aaltouniversity accounts.

    What to post? Up to you but here are some ideas

    1. In the beginning of the week, post one picture or video to the feed introducing the team and a brief explanation what the project is about
    2. You can post a promotional picture for the breakfast on Thursday
    3. Building and testing that you are doing during the week
    4. Lessons learned that that followers can learn from
    5. Epic failures
    6. Team building events
    7. Stories or Instagram live
    8. One concluding post at the end of the week

    Albin will give you access to the account the week before it's your turn.

    Remember to have fun! This is not a strict corporate Instagram account where all posts needs to go trough multiple levels of approval ;).