• The PDP gala is just around the corner! This years gala will be the 26th of it's kind, and you and your projects will be the stars of the day. This year's Gala will be the first ever arranged at the new Aalto Design Factory (ADF). ADF will be open for the day to all visitors. You should expect many guests eager to visit your stand and find out all the details of your project.

    When is the Gala happening?

    • Thursday (11th May) VIP Gala opening starting at 18:00 and ending at 20:00. This is for important guests who visit the Gala more intimate and visitors who cannot join Friday's event. 
    • Friday (12th May): PdP Gala event takes place. Guests are welcome from 9:00 until 17:00. The teams should be at their stands welcoming the visitors and giving insights into their projects. Expect to spend the day pitching your work to curious people. 

    Is the Gala online or on-site? The Gala will be arranged on-site at Aalto Design Factory Facilities. Nonetheless, the event will also be featured by an online platform and virtual tour of all student booths, which will include PdP Talks and Live-Demos (further information below).

    What are the PDP talks? The PDP talks are pre-recorded presentations that will be 7 minutes long. A teleprompter will be used to aid the speaker with the presentation script. We ask all teams to prepare and rehearse a script before the presentation recording. The DF staff will take care of the recording and editing the videos. You can submit your graphics if you feel they assist in explaining your project to the viewer. Have a look at some examples from last year here. Note that there should only be one speaker for each teamThe presentation rehearsal sessions will take place on the 24th and 25th of April and the recording sessions on the 2nd and 3rd of May. Book your team's slot for the rehearsal session (here) and the recording sessions (here), you can also book your time slot for these two sessions below.

    What are the Live-Demos? The Live-Demos are live demonstrations of your project that will be filmed and streamed during Gala Day for people who cannot attend the event on-site. Watch one or two videos from last years gala to know what exactly what it is. Each team should show their project in practice and action at these demonstrations. Note that live demos will be streamed right after the pre-recorded presentations (PdP Talks). The DF staff will stop at your booth with a video crew for this purpose (schedule will be announced later).

    What about the Physical Booths? Each team will construct a physical booth at the pre-selected spot at Design Factory. Get started with planning your booths as soon as possible and come and talk to the staff once you have a draft. There are a lot of materials at Design Factory stores that can be used. It is encouraged that all teams have a booth manager in charge of the booth arrangements. You can check your booth locations here