Topic outline

  • The TA sessions are held by the teaching assistants  (TAs) on Tuesdays at 10:15 (with the exception of the first week). The place will be U406a on Sep 13, V001 on Sep 20th and Oct 4th; U4 on Sep 27th, and U356 on Oct 11th. 

    The main function of TA sessions is to help students to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the course with a good grade. The priority is thus given to questions about basics over the most advanced materials (those that are likely to make grade difference between 4 and 5). 

    The course also has a Zulip chat here:   Use your aalto email address to login.

    You'll have a better chance of getting a comprehensive answer to your question if you post it on Zulip well in advance of the week's session. Short and simple pieces of advice may be given on Zulip, but the review session is better suited for the type of explanations that benefit from the use of a whiteboard.