Topic outline

    • Basic quantum mechanics books:

      Griffiths, introduction to quantum mechanics -- probably familiar to all, simple and nice

      Ballentine, quantum mechanics -- very thorough

      Quantum field theory books:

      Nozieres, theory of interacting Fermi systems -- very old but very good

      Mattuck, a guide to Feynman diagrams in the many-body problem -- very pedagogic and pleasant to read

      Fetter & Walecka, quantum theory of many-particle systems -- very thorough but tough

      Mahan, many-particle physics -- very thorough, but probably more approachable than F&W

      Bruus & Flensberg, many-body quantum theory in condensed matter physics -- our official course book

    • Not available unless: You belong to any group
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      Kimmo Tuominen: Advanced quantum mechanics File PDF

      Kimmo kindly provided us with his 'lecture notes' that they use in University of Helsinki

    • Not available unless: You belong to any group
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      Grigory Volovik: The universe in helium droplet File PDF
      When Grigory heard about our course, he sent me his book in pdf for us to use. Very interesting and pleasant to read! The actual book can probably be found from library as well.