Topic outline

  • Passing the course requires either taking the exam OR doing the group project work.

    About the exam

    Scope of the exam

    • Lecture slides of all the lectures
    • The sections of the course book (O'Hayre et al., 2016) as listed in the pdf file on page "Materials"
    • Exercise and homework model solutions

    Type of the exam

    The exam has five questions, including at least one of each kind listed below.

    • Brief explanations of key concepts of the course (e.g. exchange current density, area specific resistance, etc.)
    • A short essay question on some key topical part of the course
    • A calculation problem selected from the exercises or homework
    • A new calculation problem

    Calculators are allowed with their memory cleared.


    A list of most important equations will be published in the page "Materials". Many of these equations capture the most essential features of the fuel cell operation, and therefore the sections where they are derived and discussed are among the most essential content of the course and therefore worth reading carefully. It is expected in the exam that you understand the meaning of these equations and the quantities in them, can explain their their relation to the material properties and fuel cell operation, and can use them for calculations on the fuel cell and fuel cell system performance. These are key equations that you are expected to know by heart in the exam. Other equations from the book will be given in the exam if needed.