Topic outline

  • Here you will find your weekly homework assignments. There are three types of exercises:

    1. Exploratory exercises 
    2. Homework (to be returned for grading and are worth 40% of your grade)
    3. Additional exercises

    1. Exploratory exercises are designed to help you to prepare for the lectures and the more theoretical topics we will cover, and I may return to them during the lectures.

    • They are meant to be attempted before the Wednesday lecture.  It is recommended that you work on them in groups and discuss them in the first exercise session of the week.
    • The course lecture notes (materials section) cover these topics so you can look at them before the lecture. However, it is often not difficult to come up with a solution to these problems without reading new material. Comparing your solutios to those of oterhs is important.
    • You do not need to return these for grading.

    2. Homework will be graded by the Teaching Assistants every week. The homework points count for up to 40% of your final grade (60% or 100% will come from the final exam). The best 5 out of 6 assigments will be counted.

    • You can work on them also in the 2nd exercise class of each week. You can collaborate on these exercises and also I recommend to join our Zulip Chat forum
    • You may also drop by Laskutupa to ask for hints and tips for the exercises.
    • However, your final submitted work (hand written or in LaTeX) should be in your own words. In this course the the presentation of your work using correct language and symbols along with careful logical reasoning is important. 
    • The exercises will be available on this page and should be submitted as scanned PDFs in the return boxes on this page. The deadline will also be Monday 10am (before the first exercise session of the week). Late solutions will only be accepted with good reason and on approval of the TA or lecturer.
    • The model solutions will then be released on few days after the deadline.

    3. Additional exercises can be discussed in the second exercise class of the week or alone. Working in groups is highly recommended. Solutions to these exercises might be covered during the exercise classes if they are deemed useful. The difficulty of these problems range from straight-forward to very hard.