Osion kuvaus

  • Basic Course Information

    ZOOM link for all sessions:


    • MNGT-E2010 - Advanced Topics in IDBM, AALTO BIZ (IDBM)
    • Teaching language: English
    • Credits: 3 ECTS
    • Teaching period IV
    • Master's level course: 
      • IDBM Master Program: Compulsory core course
      • Elective for IDBM Minor Studies
    • Advanced specialization studies, recommended for 2nd year of the IDBM master program studies
    • Registration through SISU
    • Grading: 0-5

    Connection to IDBM Program

    This online course advances and deepens students’ understanding of contemporary topics of international design business management. This course is a web-based seminar format to enable students to participate in the course from any location.

    Along with the advanced academic knowledge of international design business management, this course provides tools and methods for conducting research work that can contribute to students’ thesis work.

    Learning Outcomes 

    After completing this online course, students should have:

    • A deeper theoretical and practical understanding of international design business management and its central topics such as creative leadership, design management, design thinking, diversity and creativity, and change management.
    • Ability to work effectively in distributed virtual teams
    • Skills and experience in facilitating webinars and giving engaging online presentations for a large audience
    • Readiness for Master’s thesis work 

    Assessment Methods and Criteria

    1. Individual written assignments
    2. Webinar presentation
    3. Personal contribution and activity (attendance and participation) 


    This course builds heavily on readings and attendance of webinars & online discussions. Therefore, you are expected to study all pre-readings prior to each webinar and actively participate in online discussions. 

    You will also complete the following assignments:

    1) Individual final reflection essay (4-5 pages, 1500-2000 words) on an IDBM-specific topic during the lectures and how it relates to your thesis.

    2) Individual thesis problem definition statement (2-3 pages)

    3) as a team of 3-4 students, report insights from each module by video  

    Course Schedule

    28.2. Lecture 1: Practicalities (Hani Tarabichi)

                               Designing Change (Anna Valtonen)

    7.3. Lecture 2: (Ville Eloranta)

                             Design in an age of large-scale transformation (Marco Steinberg)

    14.3. Lecture 3: Work and Organizational Design (Niina Nurmi)

                               Research problem statement (Hani Tarabichi)

    21.3. Lecture 4: Sustainability transformation (Idil Gaziulusoy)

                               Service Design in practice (Juha Kronqvist)

    28.3. Lecture 5: Reactive .vs. Proactive City Services, (Pasi Rautio)

                               Self-managed organizations (Frank Martella)

    4.4. Lecture 6: Designing Transformative Futures (Andrea Botero C)

                             Concluding remarks (Hani Tarabichi)

    Deliverable Schedule

    • Master's thesis problem definition: D/L 28.3.2023 at 23:00
    • Final reflection essay: D/L 28.4.2023 at 23:00
    • Peer learning videos (On Mondays at 18:00 during the course)

    Study material

    • Pre-readings for lectures; literature and other materials suggested for each research theme.

    Learning environment

    • MyCourses and Zoom (webinars and online teaching sessions).
    • Please download free Zoom client app from https://zoom.us/download (desktop version strongly recommended)

    Responsible Teachers

    Hani Tarabichi: hani.tarabichi@aalto.fi

  • Pre-read the following article before the class:

    Approaching Change with and in Design

    Optional, check the 'Designing Change' book from the Aalto Shop, you can download a free pdf version.

    Course practicalities slides, Hani Tarabichi Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tlevgqiv000mtkw/Course%20Practicalities.mp4?dl=0

    - Anna Valtonen's SLIDES

    - Lecture 1-Anna Valtonen video recording:


  • Pre-read the following article before the class:

    -Transformative Governance for Innovation Ecosystems

    Session Slides: 

    - Ecosystem governance, Ville Eloranta's slides

    - Design in an age of large-scale transformation, Marco Steinberg's slides

    Session 2 recording Ville Eloranta and Marco Steinberg:


  • Pre-read the following article before the class:

    - Managing by Design

    Session slides: 

    Work and Organizational Design, Niina Nurmi 

    Problem statement and thesis work, Hani Tarabichi

    Session recording

    Work and Organizational Design - Niina Nurmi Video: 


    Problem statement and thesis work, Hani Tarabichi Video: 


  • Pre-read the following article before the class:

    Roles of design in sustainability transitions projects

    Design for Sustainability Transitions: Reflections on Practice

    Listen to the following audio about Service Design, Customer Experience, and Tools & Methods in Service Design:

    - Basics of SService Design and Customer Experience: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nnjt21t3f08j138/Service%20Design%20and%20Customer%20Experience.mp3?dl=0

    - Tools & Methods in Service Design: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbyjgu65rtf3h00/Tools%20and%20Methods%20in%20Service%20Design.mp3?dl=0

    Session 4 Recording:


    Session 4 Slides:

    - Idil Gaziulusoy, Design and Sustainability Transformations

  • Pre-Readings:

    Martela, 2019, What makes self-managing organizations novel?

    Bernstein, Bunch, Canner, Lee, 2016, Beyond the holacracy hype

    (Optional)  Lee & Edmondson, 2017, Self-managing organizations: Exploring the limits of less-hierarchical organizing

    Session 5 Slides:

    - Pasi Rautio - City of Helsinki ProActive Services

    - Frank Martela - Self-Managed Organizations

    Recording of Session 5: City of Helsinki (Pasi Rautio) + Self-Managed Organizations (Frank Martela)


  • Pre-read the following article before the class:

    -Designing for Transformative Futures

    Session 6 Slides:

    - Designing for Transformative Futures - Andrea Botero

    Recording of session 6: Andrea Botero, Designing Transformative Futures