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  • Welcome to the JOIN.BSc Bachelor Thesis Seminar for Autumn 2022!

    This online seminar is designed to provide support, guidance, and feedback to students writing their Bachelor theses in English. We accept students from the five English Bachelor programmes in CHEM, ENG, ELEC, and SCI:

    • Chemical Engineering (CHEM)
    • Computational Engineering (ENG)
    • Data Science (SCI)
    • Digital Systems & Design (ELEC)
    • Quantum Technology (ELEC & SCI)

    Seminar thesis topics

    It is strongly recommended to have chosen a topic and advisor before the first session!

    Data science (SCI3095): https://wiki.aalto.fi/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=216935699

    Digital Systems and Design (ELEC3056): https://wiki.aalto.fi/display/2PN/Digital+Systems+and+Design+bachelor+%28final+project+and+thesis%29%3A+Current+topics+and+instructions

    Computational Engineering (ENG3082): https://wiki.aalto.fi/display/CBTT/CoE+BSc+thesis+topics

    Quantum Technology (SCI3103): https://wiki.aalto.fi/pages/viewpage.action?spaceKey=QTTHESIS&title=Quantum+Technology+major+-+BSc+thesis+topics

    Chemical Engineering (CHEM3054): Please check the list of topics (excel) at the Finnish Seminar.

    **TIK students (SCI3027): https://wiki.aalto.fi/display/SCI3027/Topics+Autumn+2022

    Learning objectives

    Upon completion of the seminar, students will be able to

    • demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a field-specific topic through writing and presenting a Bachelor thesis,
    • search for, critically assess, and integrate sources into the argumentation of their thesis,
    • recognise standard citation practices and plagiarism-avoidance strategies for proper documentation of sources,
    • identify the organisational and language features specific to a Bachelor thesis in their field of study, and
    • provide critical feedback to others' work and respond to feedback on their own work.


    A minimum of 90 ECTS credits of BSc degree studies completed with an emphasis on basic and major studies. A student must have a valid personal study plan approved before entering the seminar. It is also strongly recommended that students have already taken the written (w) skills component of their mandatory foreign language credits.

    Seminar Team Contact Details

    You can contact us at firstname.lastname@aalto.fi. Please use the course code (JOIN.BSc) in the message.
    Coordinator: Maurice Forget
    Chemical Engineering Thesis Supervisor: Michael Hummel
    Computational Engineering Thesis Supervisor: Luc St-Pierre
    Data Science Thesis Supervisor: Maarit Korpi-Lagg
    Digital Systems & Design Thesis Supervisor: Martin Andraud
    Quantum Technology Thesis Supervisor: Matti Raasakka

    Information Specialist: Kirsi Heino
    Speech Communication: Henriette ("Henni") Kervinen
    Finnish Maturity Exam: Jepa Piirainen
    Swedish Maturity Exam: Sofia Sevón
    LaTeX tutoring: Inkar Mizambek
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