Topic outline

  • The second module is about sales as proactive and structured process to drive and influence buying. The learning goal of the module is to understand the structure, tasks and tools of proactive value selling.


    Buying and selling connected: Organizations buy solutions and services when implementing change. Fundamental to selling is to understand buying and decision making. Selling connects these processes. The different activities of a structured value-based sales approach. The range of digital tools supporting the sales activity system. 

    Preparation for the day includes two activities: 

    1) watch the video "5 steps of proactive selling". Links to the videos:  5 steps of proactive selling

    2) read the article "Selling solutions by selling value". The article outlines the content & structure of both buying and selling processes by stage and the connections between stages. The article also discusses the timely challenge of moving from reactive selling to proactive value selling. Link to the article: "Selling solutions by selling value". 

    3) After the day's lecture, take a quiz to test your learning. The quiz is open from 12 until 18. Link to the quiz: 5 steps of proactive selling

    The day's presentation article is also the "Selling solutions by selling value". 

    Link to the presentation material: Influencing with sales.


    Inside the sales process: People, value, and control. Preparation  for the day involves watching a video "3 sales focus areas", reading the article "Three ways to sell value".

    1. Link to the video:  Three sales focus areas: People, value, and control

    2. Pre-reading and presentation article presentation "Three ways to sell value". This article describes how value selling is done at the different stages of the customer's buying process.

    3. During the meeting the focus is on evaluating a selection of sales tools around 1) relationship development, 2) value creation, and 3) controlling the sales process. Link to the presentation material: Influencing with sales. Please make sure that you have access to the material, included are the tool descriptions. 

    4. After the day's meeting, take the quiz: "The three focus areas of modern selling". PLEASE NOTE that the quiz builds on the lecture material & discussions.

    Learning diary: Write a short reflective online learning diary on "Proactive & structured influencing". The diary will be open from 10.00 Thu 3.11 until 10.00 Tue 8.11)