• The third module is about individual selling skills.


    Individual selling skills: Individual sales skills are needed when implementing the customer-facing sales activities at the different stages of the overall sales process. Here's my presentation material for the day. Preparation for the day includes two activities: 

    1) watch the video "Individual selling skills". This video is rather long, but hopefully a good introduction to the key personal selling skills.

    2) read the article "The end of solution sales". This article rather provocatively argues that a successful seller challenges rather than explores customer's views.

    The day's presentation article is also "The end of solution sales". If you wish to present this article, please assign yourself to the presentation group in article review presentations.

    After the meeting, take the quiz "Individual selling skills". The quiz opens at 11:45 and closes at 18:00.

    THURSDAY (self-study day, no meeting)

    Putting the sales skills in action: Connecting the the generic individual sales skills into the proactive 5 step sales process. Prepare by reading the article "Value-Based Selling: An organizational capability perspective". This article is rather successfully receiving citations as a holistic description of how to plan, implement, and leverage value-based selling, and integrates the different elements of proactive value-based selling. Relating to the "Implement" step the article's VBS model, you may want to re-check the video "5 Steps".

    Please write a learning diary, which discusses the model presented in the article and integrates your learning on the individual selling skills with the model. Please return the learning diary until 10.00 on Tue 15.11.