• The fifth module is focusing on how selling is changing toward partnership management in a tightly integrated network of companies.


    Customer portfolio & relationship management: Customer portfolio and relationship management is the third element of the operational sales management function. Preparation for the day is done by 

    1) reading the article "Managing the co-creation of value",

    2) Article presentation is also the "Managing the co-creation of value".

    The lecture presentation discusses the essentials of key account management. Here's a link to the lecture material.

    Take the "
    KAM Quiz" after the meeting. The quiz will be based on the lecture material.


    The changing role of sales. An effective sales organization has clear and measurable goals, roles, customer allocation, and performance management practices. This modules completes the sales management picture by introducing the sales performance management. 

    1) Article presentation: "Aligning the mindset and capabilities at multiple customer interfaces". This article demonstrates that while changing the business mindset and associated capabilities within a firm faces many barriers, success requires similar changes in the connected firms as well. Please read the presentation article, paying attention to conflicting business logics and the multi-dimensional change between mindset and ability, inside a firm, and among connected firms. Please find a short summary presentation of the pre-reading article here.

    2) The lecture presentation will outline the essentials of the sales quality and activity coaching and the sales management framework. Please find the lecture material here.

    3) The Quiz will be based on the lecture material and the pre-reading article. 

    4) Then final learning diary is about key account management and sales performance management.