Topic outline

    • Role of regulation in the markets

    • Links to regulation

    • Sustainable finance

    • PSD II disruption in banking

      Fintech: blockchain and smart contracts 

      Use of technology in financial markets 

    • Fintech solutions: 

      securites markets, investment service companies, banking, crowd funding etc. 

    • Financial Service Companies:

      General Regulation

      Financial Products

    • Regulation of Investmemt Firms: Client relationships

      Trading venues

    • Disclosure Obligations:

      The structure of Regulation

      Prospectus Duty

      Regular Disclosure Obligation

    • Ongoing Disclosure Obligation

      Insider Rules and Market Abuse

      Other Disclosure Obligations

    • Insider Regulation, Ongoing Disclosure Obligation and Secrecy

      Information as Property

    • Public bids and mandatory bids

    • Lecture 9

      The Legal Protection of the Investor :

      Administrative and Civil Law Sanctions

    • Damages in the securities markets

    • •The Investor as a Market Actor
      •Behavioral Law and Economics
      •The Duties of an Investor