Topic outline

  • Rules and arrangements

    The course will have seven compulsory individual assignments making up 60% of the final grade. Instructions and materials will appear on this page.

    Each assignment will be graded and the assignments constitute the course grade.

    Keep in mind that the assignments and quizzes are to be completed individually by each student. While it is perfectly fine to discuss the algorithms, implementations and concepts taught in the course with your peers, directly sharing answers, data or code will not be accepted. In short—share ideas, not answers.

    Remember to submit all your solutions on time, and double-check that your submission contains all the necessary files, as listed at the end of the assignment instruction document.

    Each student has 3 days in total for late submissions. It counts at least 1 day once past the deadline. We do not accept any submissions or additional files beyond it. The only exceptions are in well justified cases such as illness (supported by a proper certificate) or military service. If you cannot submit the assignment on time due to university-related reasons, such as attending a conference, please inform the course staff in advance.


    The quizzes are individual works and should be completed independently. The answers can be found in the lectures and readings. The quizzes will make up 20% of the final grade.