• LAB INSTRUCTIONS: The lab work is divided into three sections:

    • Preliminary Homework Assignment: You must do the preliminary homework assignment in this first section and turn in your response by the due date. The documents required to finish the assignment can be found here: "Sensor fusion with Kalman filter: Preliminary Assignment and Lab Work."

    • Preliminary Lab Session: This preparatory session is the second part of the lab work, in which you will be expected to individually reply to questions about the assignment and the associated materials. Each group member must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the subject. If the preliminary lab assessment fails, it must be retaken.

    • Lab work: In the third and final laboratory task, you will execute the Kalman filter method in a Matlab environment. This section is estimated to take 3 hours to complete. You must submit a report at the completion of this phase  on course page at Sensor fusion with Kalman Filter: Lab Report

    Both the Preliminary and Lab sessions will be held by direct teaching. Under "Sensor fusion with Kalman filter: Preliminary Assignment and Lab Work: Session Booking", you may make a time reservation.