Osion kuvaus

  • Lab Instructions

    This lab will be conducted in person. During the lab session, all the group members (maximum 4) plus the instructor will be present in the lab. 


    The prehearing and lab session take place in one session. First, we will go through the prehearing assignment, asking questions from each member of the group to make sure you have a sufficient understanding of the lab. Then, we will start the lab work. 

    1. Book a time slot for your group 
    2. Go through the lab book and answer the questions in the lab book under the "Prehearing assignment" section
    3. Go through the MATLAB templates code and complete the code as explained in the lab book and comments in the code  
    4. Upload the answers to questions (.pdf format) and the completed MATLAB code under the "Prehearing assignment return box" by the deadline (13 February at 16:00)
    5. Take part in the lab sessions for your group. First, the instructor will ask questions individually to make sure group members have a sufficient understanding of the topic, then you will use your own MATLAB code to operate the system in the second part of the session 
    6. Submit your lab report within two weeks from the time you took part in the lab session