• Welcome to Management Communication!

    Summary of course content: 

    Week 1: First session (11.1.2023): Course practicalities, theoretical frameworks, and starting the project work

    Week 2: Project proposal

    Week 3: Second session, self-study (25.1.2023): Bad news messaging and sensitive managerial messages

    Week 4: Executive summary and presentation planning

    Week 5: Peer feedback

    Week 6: Third session (15.2.2023): Presentations of the group projects, final executive summaries

    Assessments and assignments:

    The course is built around one main group project that includes several deliverables. They are the following:

    A1: Project proposal
    A2: Executive Summary
    A3: Peer feedback to other group's executive summary
    A4: Project presentation and the final executive summary (50% of the course grade)

    Additionally, there are two individual assignments, one on the self-study session and another in the end of the course: 

    B1: Bad news message
    B2: Reflection paper (50% of the course grade)

    We'll go over the group project in detail on the first session; the detailed descriptions and evaluation rubrics for each assignment can be found from the folders of each week: for the instructions on the main group project, check the folder 'Week 6'. 

    In case you have any questions regarding the assignments or the course in general, please contact Aleksi at any time at aleksi.m.soini@aalto.fi. Throughout the course I'll notify you of deadlines and assignments with the 'Announcements' tool, so make sure to check that or your Aalto email every now and then. 

    We'll all meet together on the 11th of January on the first session of the course, see you then! 

    Best regards, Aleksi