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    On this page you will find general information about the course Quantum Information (ELEC-C9440). In case you have any questions, please contact the course staff via the general discussion forum below, or in more personal matters by email.

    Course staff
    The teachers of this course are Prof. Ilkka Tittonen, Matti Raasakka and Vladimir Kornienko. The course assistants are Alisa Haukisalmi and Qingxin Yang.

    Weekly schedule
    There are two lectures every week organized on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:15-12:00 in lecture hall TU7 (Maarintie 8). See 'Schedule and materials' page for a more detailed schedule and topics.

    There are two exercise sessions per week.  These are also on-campus in lecture hall TU7 (Maarintie 8). The exercise session times are:
    • Wednesdays 12:15-14:00
    • Fridays 14:15-16:00

    Participation in lectures and exercise sessions is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

    Deadline for returning solutions to the weekly exercise problems is on Sunday at 23:59. Model solutions to the problems are published on the following week.

    Study materials
    Lecture slides will be published weekly. As the course material is rather varied, we will be using several different textbooks for this course. We will be using at least Nielsen, Chuang, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information: 10th Anniversary Edition, Cambridge University Press. In addition, several freely available materials will be used, which will be linked to 'Schedule and materials' page.


    Exam is organized on the 8th of June at 9:00-12:00 in lecture hall AS1 (Maarintie 8).

    The course grade is based on the exercise problem points and the exam points. There will be altogether 6 weekly exercise problem sets, with 5 problems each, and one exam. The final points for the course will be determined as follows:
    • max. 3p/exercise problem => maximum points from weekly exercise problems = 90p
    • max. 90p from exam (minimum 20% of points must be obtained to pass the exam)

    The final grade will be determined based on the sum of these two contributions. The lower limits for the different grades are:
    90p (50%) => grade 1
    108p (60%) => grade 2
    126p (70%) => grade 3
    144p (80%) => grade 4
    162p (90%) => grade 5

    In addition, you must get at least 20% of the maximum score from the exams in order to pass the course.

    Absences and compensations
    Any absence is the students own responsibility. If you cannot attend an exam or give in a weekly exercise due to illness, contact the teacher as soon as possible. Any compensations or special arrangements must be negotiated with the teacher well in advance.