Topic outline

  • Literature for the exams

    The books for the literature exams can be found in PDF format below. You are encouraged either to print them or to purchase copies, as this will make your life easier during the exams.


    Lecture presentations

    Lectures will be posted after each session in the designated folder below.

    The join link to Matti's scheduled lectures is here:


    Additional material

    Some sessions may require prior reading, which will be made available by the lecturers.

    My articles below (after “Lectures”) are useful for the understanding of ethical and justice-related thinking. Recommended reading.

    To get the most out of the course, though, you should acquaint yourself with the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Business Ethics behind the link below. Highly recommended reading.

    Norwegian Council of Ethics Guidelines

    This is the foundation of your assignment work for some lectures. Scroll down to access it under "Council of Ethics Guidelines".

    • A nice little cartoon introduction to some important topics. It is meant to be both entertaining and educational. Previous cohorts of participants have found it a nice change from the dry academic reading that is so often on offer. Enjoy!

    • Another nice little cartoon introduction to some further important topics. This one, too, is meant to be both entertaining and educational. And, as with the first one, previous cohorts of participants have found it refreshing. It is good sometimes to have complicated matters explained in a more down-to-earth tone.

    • Here you can find the lecture powerpoints after each session. Matti's lectures are pre-recorded so that you can enjoy them in their delivered format even if you miss the online session. When you open the ppt, enter Presentation Mode and the lecture starts rolling.

    • This article is recommended reading. It explains the approach to justice that Matti uses in some of his lectures.

    • This is where you can find your personal assignments for Matti's lectures. They are all here right from the beginning but they will probably make sense to you only after the lectures. ;)

    • After most of Matti's lectures, you are required to send him a question (or maybe more if you have missed the session) about the lecture's content. This is where your questions and Matti's answers will be available. Experience has shown that the most active participants find this section to be one of the highlights of the course. The participants' queries are often quite incisive and Matti's responses give literature hints and insights that go far beyond the course's scheduled content. Thinks, Matti. ;)

    • This is what we use for many of Matti's homework assignments. It is an unprecedented effort of a basically unethical nation to be ethical in its investments in other nations' and their corporations' unethical practices.

    • Related to Matti's closing lecture (and maybe others), one of the course's main villain's list of excuses in full.

    • To ease your burden, the villian's report condensed.

    • These will appear here on 16 March at 4 p.m. (16:00).

    • These will appear here on 13 April at 4 p.m. (16:00).

    • Matti on early COVID-19 measures in a Nordic webinar in fall 2020.

      Featuring a description of what happened on this course three years ago. Who knows. Maybe we'll experience something similar this time around.

    • This is the latest published version of your main lecturer's philosophy. Not for the faint of heart.

    • And if you are interested in knowing why Matti thinks what he thinks, here he tells his life story. :)