Topic outline

  • You have following 12 assignments (see the Assignments section for a corresponding instruction of each assignment):

    1. Summary of learnings from the readings and podcasts/Into pages
    2. Preliminary research topic(s), reflection essay on Antti's blog post, and research question iterations
    3. Reflection essay on one of key articles provided by teachers, and a list of 5 extra articles from relevant research channel(s)
    4. Annotated bibliography of 5 extra publications- read them with notes (why you chose them, how they are related to the thesis topic, how they are helping you to answer your research question)
    5. Review of research ethics, Turnitin report
    6. Midterm: Thesis topic proposal
    7. Thesis topic proposal revision
    8. Artifact analysis Step 1: Writing the description of your artefact
    9. Artifact analysis Step 2: Pulling affordances / constrains
    10. Interview report of 3 participants
    11. Data analysis report
    12. Final: Preliminary thesis plan, Turnitin report

    General instructions for the assignments:

    Assignment 1-11: Graded with 'passed with distinction' / 'passed' / 'failed' / 'new revision needed'

    • These assignments are to support you individually to prepare for your thesis process. You will start doing most of these assignments in-class; then, you have to work in your group and finalize to submit via MyCourses by their submission due. 
    • You need to get 'passed' or 'passed with distinction' from all of them. 
    • If you don't submit on time, you get 'failed' (you may email us to explain possible delays if needed). 
    • If you submit the assignment on time but it's too rough or incomplete, you get 'new revision needed' (you need to resubmit it asap to get 'passed' or 'passed with distinction'). 
    • If you do outstanding work (e.g. deeper reflection, extra tasks beyond the instruction, etc.), you get 'passed with distinction'. 
    • A number of 'pass with distinction' can influence your course grading later. 
    Assignment 12 (Final): Full scale score (0-5)
    • A score of a student for this assignment is proposed by responsible teachers based on the evaluation matrix (download). You have to get approval of your preliminary research plan through Turnitin Originality Check.
    • If you fail Assignment 12, you can't participate BA Thesis Seminar in Period III. Based on the feedback, you can resubmit the revised version by 2 Jan 2023 to pass. 

    Your attendance matters: 

    • 80% of your attendance for contact teaching sessions is required to pass the course.
    • Your participations are compulsory for the first session (5 Sep.), midterm (17 Oct.) and final (5 Dec.).