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  • Groups, their members and topics

    Group 1

    Members: Sasha, Leo, Mariam, Satu, Lilo
    Topic: Digital literacy

    Group 2

    Members: Marta, Inga, Elisabeth, Margo
    Topic: Providing security for individuals in urban areas

    Group 3

    Members: Hitomi, Soyoung, Katarina
    Topic: Sensorial experience for emotional safety

    Group 4

    Members: Mathilda, Nicole "Nici", Owein, Yuzu
    Topic: Harassment prevention through digital services

    Group 5

    Members: Michelle, Harim, Wen, Jessica, Vilis
    Topic: Helping hand for seniors

    Group 6

    Members: Tiina, Emilie, Saara, Natasa
    Topic: The future of digital immortality

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