Topic outline

  • General

    This Doctoral Seminar on Contemporary Art will be an intense 3-day course 7th-9th December - potentially outside of the Aalto Campus. (The seminar is not based on monthly lectures > the course-guide has wrong information).

    There will be a requirement of pre-work by each participant: creation of a 30min presentation on one topic related to the person's research.

    Presentation: The aim is to create an in-depth (conference-style with slides) presentation on a topic that is related to the person's research. The aim is not to present the full scope of one's research (!), however a clear connection between the chosen in-depth topic and one's research question should be explored.

    Sessions: The sessions in this intense seminar can be long (depending of the number of participants), therefore it is important to have all the three days free of other tasks. Sessions will include: presentations 30min + comments and questions 15-20min; written questions and comments for each participant; peer to peer discussions on the received feedback. Session schedules and peer-to-peer discussion pairs will be pre-organized by the teacher (Laura).

    Full 3-day participation is required from the participants.